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For those who want to have a maniacal experience on their trip to Japan! Report to enjoy a deep trip to the fullest!

Welcome to a Japan that no one knows! Enjoy your own deep journey!

There are many fascinating places and experiences in Japan that are not introduced in general tourist guides and are only known to those in the know.

Exploring hidden hot springs, visiting abandoned ruins, sword smithing, visiting markets, trekking through unexplored regions, and more, there is a deep journey awaiting you that will pique your curiosity.

This guide introduces American travelers to the maniacal experiences and information that will make your trip to Japan even more enjoyable.

Now, let's embark on your own deep journey to Japan! Use this guide to plan your trip.

What you will get from this guide

・Discover a Japan that no one knows

・Create unforgettable memories

・Enhance your trip

1. experience the other side of Japan! Maniacal Sightseeing Spots for Those in the Know

1.1 Tour of Ruins: Enjoy the hidden history and nostalgic atmosphere

Many places in Japan have been abandoned due to war, natural disasters, or economic reasons.

These ruins offer a glimpse of former prosperity and people's lives, and remind us of the passage of time. In particular, ruins with historical buildings such as the "Former Meiji Shrine Imperial Estate" in Harajuku, Tokyo, and "Bamboo Grove Path" in Arashiyama, Kyoto, are attractive spots for the maniacal traveler.

1.2 Occult Spots: Excitement and thrill of paranormal phenomena and urban legends

Japan is home to a number of haunted places and urban legends that have been passed down through the ages.

These are places where paranormal phenomena are said to have actually occurred or have an eerie atmosphere.

Famous spots include the Aoyama Cemetery in Shibuya, Tokyo, Matsumoto Castle in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, and Mt. Moiwa in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

For travelers who love the occult, these places will pique their curiosity.

1.3 Exploring hidden hot springs: Heal body and soul in hidden hot springs surrounded by nature

Throughout Japan, there are many hidden hot springs deep in the mountains or far from hot spring resorts, known as "hidden hot springs.

Unexplored hot springs are characterized by the lack of artificial facilities and the ability to enjoy the bounty of nature as it is.

The quality and efficacy of the hot springs vary, making them ideal for relieving the fatigue of travelers.

We recommend that you combine your visit to hidden hot springs with other activities such as mountain climbing or trekking.

1.4 Abandoned Railroad Track Walking: A must for railroad fans! Explore the ruins of abandoned railway lines

Abandoned railway tracks are places where railroad lines once ran but have been closed down.

Abandoned railway tracks are places where the remains of tracks, tunnels, bridges, and other structures still remain, allowing visitors to feel the history of the railroad.

In particular, there are many abandoned railway tracks in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region.

For railroad fans, walking along abandoned railway tracks is a valuable experience.

1.5 Gateway to a different world: Slip back in time at locations where movies and TV dramas were filmed

Many locations in Japan have been used as filming locations for movies and TV dramas.

These locations offer an experience that puts you in the world of the film or drama.

For example, Arashiyama in Kyoto is famous as the location for the movie "The Last Samurai.

Asakusa in Tokyo is known as the filming location for the movie "Spirited Away.

For fans of movies and TV dramas, a visit to these locations will allow them to enjoy the films even more deeply.

2. stimulate the senses! Experience activities unique to Japan

2.1 Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience: Taste traditional Japanese culture with your heart

The tea ceremony is one of Japan's traditional cultural traditions.

In the tea ceremony experience, you will learn the basics of the tea ceremony, such as the types of tea, how to brew tea, and how to choose tea utensils.

You can also taste powdered green tea and calm your mind in the tranquility of a tea room.

The tea ceremony experience is a great way to experience the Japanese sense of beauty and enrich your mind.

2.2 Sword smithing experience: Try your hand at making a sword with the spirit of a samurai

Swords are one of the symbolic weapons of Japan.

In the sword smithing experience, visitors can experience the entire process of forging and shaping iron, the material used to make swords.

By actually making a sword, visitors can experience firsthand the traditional techniques and craftsmanship of Japan.

The sword smithing experience will be a valuable experience.

2.3 Japanese sweets making experience: Experience the delicate Japanese sense of beauty

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery.

In the wagashi making experience, you can make various types of wagashi, such as nerikiri and yokan.

Making wagashi requires delicate techniques and careful work.

Through the experience of making wagashi, visitors can experience the Japanese sense of beauty.

2.4 Ceramic art experience: Create your own original work of art

Ceramic art is one of the traditional Japanese crafts.

In the ceramics experience, visitors can experience a series of processes from shaping clay to firing.

By creating your own original work of art, you will gain a sense of accomplishment.

3. welcome to food adventures! Local Gourmet and Local B-Gourmet

3.1 Market Tour: Enjoy fresh ingredients and a lively atmosphere

There are many markets throughout Japan where you can find fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

Market tours are a great way to view seasonal produce and meet the locals.

You can also cook and eat the food you buy at the market on the spot.

Market tours are a great way to experience Japanese food culture.

3.2 Yatai Gourmet: Enjoy B-Grade Gourmet Food from Around Japan

At Japanese food stalls, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of B-class gourmet foods.

They range from classic B-grade gourmet foods such as ramen, yakitori, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki, to regional B-grade gourmet foods.

Yatai gourmet stalls are a great way to experience the lively atmosphere of Japan.

3.3 Ramen restaurants with lines: Explore the Ramen Road

Japan is known as a ramen powerhouse.

There are many different types of ramen restaurants throughout Japan.

The ramen restaurants that draw lines are known for their popularity and delicious taste.

For travelers who want to explore the ramen road, the ramen restaurants with lines are a must-visit destination.

3.4 Yakitori with secret sauce: Taste the soul food loved by locals

Many restaurants around Japan specialize in yakitori grilled with a secret sauce.

Yakitori with secret sauce is a soul food loved by the locals.

The savory aroma and juicy taste are unforgettable once you try it.

Yakitori with secret sauce can be tasted at Japanese izakaya (Japanese style pubs).

3.5 Sake Brewery Tours: Learn the Depths of Sake Brewing

Japan is known as the birthplace of sake. There are numerous sake breweries throughout Japan.

During a sake brewery tour, visitors can observe the sake brewing process and sample freshly made sake.

You can enjoy the deep taste of sake.

Sake brewery tours are a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture.

4. enjoy the natural beauty of Japan! Unexplored Trekking and Spectacular Scenic Spots

4.1 Mountain Climbing: Magnificent scenery and a sense of accomplishment

Japan has many mountains suitable for mountaineering, such as Mount Fuji and the Northern Alps.

Mountain climbing is an activity that offers magnificent views and a sense of accomplishment.

Although mountain climbing requires stamina and preparation, it is a recommended experience for travelers who want to fully enjoy the natural beauty of Japan.

4.2 Kayaking: Enjoy nature from the sea or a lake

Kayaking is an activity in which visitors paddle on the ocean or a lake.

While kayaking, you can enjoy the view of the ocean or lake and watch water birds. Kayaking is an activity that even beginners can easily enjoy.

4.3 Snowshoeing: An extraordinary experience of walking through snowy landscapes

Snowshoes are shoes for walking on snow.

Wearing snowshoes and walking through snowy landscapes is an extraordinary experience.

Snowshoeing is an activity that can only be experienced in winter.

4.4 Star gazing: marvel at the star-filled sky

In Japan, you can view a star-filled sky in places with little urban light pollution.

Stargazing can be an inspiring experience. An astronomical telescope is useful for stargazing.

4.5 Trekking: Encountering Unexplored Nature

In Japan, there are many remote places called unexplored regions.

Trekking is an activity that allows visitors to encounter nature in unexplored areas.

Trekking requires stamina and preparation, but it is a recommended experience for travelers who want to deeply experience Japan's nature.

5. experience Japanese culture! Traditional arts and festivals

5.1 Kabuki: Enchanted by the gorgeous costumes and performances

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater.

Kabuki is full of gorgeous costumes and stylized beauty, and by experiencing them, you will feel as if you have gained some understanding of the mysterious and mystical culture of Japan.

5.2 Nohgaku: A taste of the ethereal world and refined sense of beauty

Nohgaku is a traditional Japanese theatrical performance.

Nohgaku is a performance in which masked actors dance and sing chants.

Nohgaku allows the audience to experience the ethereal world of Noh and its refined sense of beauty.

Nohgaku viewing is an excellent way to experience traditional Japanese culture.

5.3 Sumo: Powerful clashes between wrestlers

Sumo is a traditional Japanese martial art.

Sumo is a competition in which two giant wrestlers, called rikishi, clash with each other in the ring.

Sumo is a powerful game and you can feel the passion of the wrestlers.

Watching sumo is a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture.

5.4 Summer Festivals: Experience the Japanese summer tradition

Summer festivals are a typical summer event in Japan.

At summer festivals, food stalls line the streets, and bon dances and fireworks displays are held.

Summer festivals are a great way to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Japan.

Summer festivals are held in many parts of Japan.

5.5 Local festivals: Meet the locals and experience Japanese culture

There are a variety of local festivals throughout Japan.

At local festivals, traditional performing arts and portable shrines are performed.

At local festivals, you can meet the local people and experience Japanese culture.

Local festivals are held throughout the year, not only during the summer months.

6. you also want to be particular about your lodging! Unique accommodations

6.1 Capsule Hotels: A comfortable stay in an urban oasis

Capsule hotels are popular as urban oases.

Despite their small space, capsule hotels are equipped with functional facilities.

Capsule hotels offer reasonably priced accommodations.

6.2 Guesthouses: Interacting and exchanging information with travelers

Guesthouses are accommodations where you can interact with other travelers.

Guesthouses have shared rooms called dormitories and private rooms.

Guesthouses provide a place where you can exchange information and make friends with other travelers.

6.3 Guesthouses: Experience Japanese country life

A minshuku is an accommodation facility where you can experience Japanese country life.

At a minshuku, you can stay with a local family. At a minshuku, you can enjoy local home cooking and socialize with local people.

6.4 Temple Lodging: Purify your body and mind in tranquility

Temple lodging is an accommodation option that allows you to purify your body and mind in a serene environment.

Temple lodging allows visitors to stay in accommodations on the temple grounds.

In temple lodging, you can participate in early morning sutra reading and experience sutra copying.

6.5 Staying at an old private house: Experiencing the traditional Japanese way of life

Old private house lodging is an accommodation facility that allows visitors to experience the traditional Japanese way of life.

In Furuminka Lodging, visitors can stay in a renovated traditional Japanese house that is more than 100 years old.

In Furuminka Lodging, you can enjoy meals by the sunken hearth or relax on the porch.

7. enhance your trip to Japan! Useful Information and Convenient Tools

7.1 Maniac Travel Information Site: Get Deep Travel Tips

Maniac travel information sites allow you to find information on tourist spots and experiences that are not introduced in general sightseeing guides and are best known only to those in the know.

7.2 Cheap airline tickets and accommodation reservations: Enjoy travel at a discount

Cheap airline tickets and accommodations can be reserved at discount airline ticket and accommodation reservation sites.

7.3 Translation apps: Communicate across language barriers

Translation apps can help you communicate across language barriers.

7.4 Manners: Understanding and respecting Japanese culture and customs

When traveling to Japan, it is important to understand and respect Japanese culture and customs.

7.5 Itinerary Management Apps: Smooth Travel Planning

Itinerary management apps can help you plan your trip smoothly.

8. summary: make your trip to Japan unforgettable

This guide has introduced American travelers to some of the maniacal experiences and information that will make your trip to Japan even more enjoyable. Use this guide to plan your own in-depth trip to Japan.

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