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How to Use

Explanation of how to use JAPAN EXPERIENCE WONDER and the process up to the day of the event

smart phone


Select a program and purchase

Deposit system is used.
Please select the available dates and make your purchase.

Please pay 1% of the sales price as a deposit by credit card.
(Tentative Reservation)


Reservation Confirmation

Check availability and if available, you will receive an email confirming your reservation.
Please pay the remaining balance. (Reservation confirmed)

​*If the reservation is not confirmed, the deposit will be returned.

 Make a reservation


before the day of

You will receive an email from your instructor with details of your experience.
Please use that email to ask any questions you may have before the day of the trial.


very day

Please be on time and arrive at the meeting place on the day of the tour. Enjoy your Japanese cultural experience to the fullest!

 A very satisfying experience
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